The Right Direction for Your Dynasty Fantasy Football Team

The Right Direction for Your Dynasty Fantasy Football Team

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Fantasy football is about winning a championship. Although there are some twists to the basic concept, dynasty leagues provide a unique opportunity. The foundation of a winning team is its roster construction. Dynasty leagues are unique in that they require you to balance short-term success and long-term sustainability.

Most dynasty owners find rebuilding difficult as it takes patience and time. However, the rewards can be huge and if done right, you can build a formidable team. This article will discuss the steps involved in rebuilding your dynasty team and give you the tools to make it happen.

How to Identify the Rebuild

Truth serum is a great way to look at your dynasty list. Are you ready to win? Do you keep draft picks and youth in order to win the future? Are you just a few steps away from becoming a competitor? Do you just plod along without a clear goal? These questions can be answered honestly and you will have an advantage.

Many fantasy owners have trouble seeing their team as more than a contender. They are forced to keep their feet on the ground in order to remain at the top of the league. They make every effort to stay in contention, despite the overwhelming odds against them. They make shortsighted trades year after year to improve a roster that is less likely to win a championship than those who have already made a commitment to do so.

This brings me to my first and most important point: Make a commitment to a plan. If you don’t have the skills to win right now, build your team to win later. Do you remember that truth serum? It is important to take a large dose and compare your league with your team. Are you able to outscore your league mates by 65%? Is your roster able to combine a week-winning ceiling with a weekly-saving floor?

Which Type of Rebuild is Best?

There are many ways to rebuild a Dynasty Fantasy Football Team squad. The driving force behind this decision is roster construction. While this strategy may require you to rebuild your team from scratch, it can also be a lucrative way to win the long-term. You must be prepared to sell any asset at the right value if you opt for the “scorched Earth” strategy. No player is worthless, regardless of how valuable they may be to you. Ezekiel Elliott could be traded for Miles Sanders and a few high-ranking rookie picks. Although this is an example, you can get the idea.

Keep your Draft Picks in Your Pocket and Churn Your Roster

The picks in dynasty leagues are similar to the NFL. Projecting player productivity in NFL is a risky endeavor. It is impossible to accurately predict fantasy and real life. It is best to put as many bullets as possible into the chamber. Your margin of error will be greater if you have more rookie picks. Because rookie picks are subject to a lot of variation, you have a greater chance of hitting on your picks. It is a good idea to hoard. While first-round picks can be great, there are many valuable options in the second and third rounds.

These strategies have been very successful in both dynasty and baseball leagues. This requires you to keep an eye on player performance. That is where the investment aspect of this venture comes in. It is easy to keep your league engaged when rebuilding. The best way to do this is to search for diamonds in rough on the waiver wire. It’s a great idea to look through your roster and add or drop players, regardless of what league you’re in.

Take the difficult step

Why is it so difficult to rebuild in dynasty? First, it takes patience and a process-driven approach to tear down a roster. It’s not an easy task, given the fact that most people want to be able to do everything right away and are outcome-oriented. The problem is that owners are reluctant to admit they have drafted a poor team. We all desire to believe we are the smartest man in the room, and rebuilding is a sign that you may not be. Owners try to create the illusion that their roster is one step closer to being a contender in order not to fall for this trap.

This is what we refer to as the eternal rebuild.

These teams are usually just good enough for the top, but not great enough to be in the top ten. These guys are common in all leagues and you won’t be able to spot them for more than a year.

Your dynasty team’s view is up to you. But remember, the goal of fantasy sports is winning championships. There is risk in going all-in on a rebuild but I’d rather lose trying for the top than win trying stay at the bottom.

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