Cajandig along with Tan principle 6th UBC: The Fight of Badminton Supremacy

JEDDAH: The Well-credentialed Filipino set of Ralph Cajandig along with Tan Kapunan drawn in their prosperity of expertise to Win Against the Syrian-Jordanian tandem of Ammar Awad along with also Ehab Noubani from the Museum Premier Adult Men’s doubles closing from the 6th Greatest Badminton Obstacle: The Fight of Badminton Supremacy in Olympia Badminton Courts at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital here lately.

Cajandiga industrial participant, also also past UAAP winner Kapunan captured the greater of these foreign competitors from the exhilarating competition that attracted tens of thousands of audiences for his or her own feet. Lengthy rallies and magical trick photographs contrary to the 2 protagonists emphasized the game that moved along to a deciding match in the next group until it reasoned within one hour and 15 minutes.

The championship has been organized by Smash Arabia Badminton Club, also ” the No. 1 badminton club at the Kingdom led by Chairman Bobby Fernandez Pillado, Vice-chairman Grace Villanueva, Secretary Abigail Asiatico, Treasurer Joseff Santiago along with also Workforce Supervisor Wilson Maata. Committee associates include Norie Bundoc, Board Member (Membership) -Mark Villanueva & Dindo Morada, Board Member (Technical Committee) — Christopher Hernandez, Alvin Cornejo, Roland Santos along with Romy Capili, Jameel Argonza (Head of both umpires & linesmen) along with Supervising Head — Shah Rizvie Tajudeen & Nathaniel Andrade, Logistic committee — Noel Ramos, Gerry Jancinal along with Nolan”Batuti” Hormillosa, Foodstuff Committee Malou Andrade, Sally Obras along with Lynne Boquerente.

NCB QuickPay could be your significant patrons of this tournament. Even the Co Sponsors include BDO Remit, ABSCBN E Money in Addition, myREMIT-one, Salam Medi Cal (House Medical Care), Mobil1, NEMER, Pepsi, Avon, WeSport, Mosaid Journey & Tourism, SUBWAY along with Sunbutta Shuttlecocks & Apparels.

Champions along with Runnersup in Various classes are as follows:

Flight 6 — Men’s doubles winner Rodem Bandiola-Gomer Gabatin (SABC Riyadh), Runnerup Victor Valdellon-Ian Mark Palacao (D’ Club Jaunty) Girls’s doubles winner Elvie Olaivar-Khety Enjoyment Didal (D’ Club Jaunty), Didal Rowena Tarnate-Ching Pasion (RBC Abha), Combined Doubles winner Arnold Calamsa-Ana Margarita Lugtu (Phombag Riyadh), Runnerup Victor Valdellon-Kheity Enjoyment Didal (D’club Jaunty)

Flight 5 — Adult Men’s doubles winner Mike Martin-Jacob Petilla (Jaguars), Runnerup Rommel Triunfo-Arnold Calamsa (Phombag Riyadh), Females’s doubles Carla Decena- Farhana Matanog (KAIA-KBC) Runnerup Mhy Escober -Ethyl Suing (Jaguars), combined doubles winner PE PE Ching-Farhana Matanog – Runnerup Jacob Petilla-Ethyl Suing, guys’s doubles preceding 45 winner Manny De-la Cruz-Hector Alcala (Jaguars ) Runnerup Dennis Misolas-Earl Horlado (Jeddah Slashers)

Flight 4 — Adult Men’s doubles winner Datu Bonga Don Generoso (Friday Boiz/Babes) Runnerup Astroflex Bautista Randy Sam Son – Interesting (Dammam), Females’s doubles winner Giselle Bandigan Cindy Calandria (Phogi) Runnerup Lilibeth Tiboron Dolor De Castro (D’club Jaunty/Falcons), combined doubles winner Ryan Dela Cruz Jasmin Ching (Falcons/KAIA) Runnerup Edmar Ortil Sharon Generoso (Friday Boiz/ Immunology ), Adult Men’s doubles preceding 45 winner Habib Abubakar Omar Gote (IPBC) Runnerup Noel Ramos Elgen Lomongo (Smash Arabia/Independent), Females’s doubles preceding 45 Sally Gonzales Analyn Horlado (Jeddah Slashers) Runner up Glenda Misolas Enjoyment Cruz (Jeddah Slashers)

Flight 3 — Adult Men’s doubles winner Ajish Edassary Jonathan Khoo (RBC Assir) Runnerup Mark Pangilinan Ryan dela Cruz (Jaguars/Falcons), Females’s doubles winner Sarah Villar Charmaine Chua (FLEEQ/CRTC) Runnerup Yugene Yusikee Princess p Silva (Smash Arabia/Riyadh), combined doubles winner Felix Alejo Angel A Aris (MBA) Runnerup Jotham Matin-Ao Thina Parabas (D’ Club Jaunty), Adult Men’s singles winner Jhun Rito (Smash Arabia) Runner up Dr. Aslam (Pak Tigers) Ladies’s singles winner Princess D E Silva (SABC Riyadh) Runnerup Lindey Gajeto (FLEEQ)

Flight 2 — Adult Men’s doubles winner Mohammed Dayeh Sameer (FLEEQ) Runnerup Jorevic Aguirre Pam Daksla (Phogi/Falcons) Blended doubles winner Jorevic Aguirre Chairmane Chua (Phogi/CRTC) Runnerup Mike Manibo Kring Acosta (FLEEQ), Adult Men’s singles winner Siryani (ABC) Runnerup Jorevic Aguirre

Flight 1 — Adult Men’s doubles winner Klay Dirampaten Benny (MBA/Indo) Runnerup Abdul Salam Ali-khan (JBC) Blended doubles winner Klay Dirampaten Angel A Atis (MBA) Runner up Manuel Cunanan Rica Montales (Fun/Indp) Adult Men’s singles winner Awaiz (JBC) Runner up Nasser Laguindab (FLEEQ)

Championship — Adult Men’s doubles winner Mitchie Cruz Rico Gonzales ( MBA/JBA) Runnerup Lhands Hipolito Alvin Abella ( PBC Riyadh/Phogi), combined doubles winner Mohammed Taufiq, Yugene Yusikee ( Smash Arabia) Runnerup Lhands Hipolito Princess D E Silva (SABC Riyadh) Adult Men’s singles winner Ryan Delos Reyes ( Friday Boiz and also Babes) Runnerup Mohammed Suhaime Leong — (ABC)

Leading — Adult Men’s doubles winner Ralph Cajandig Tan Kapunan (Riyadh) Runnerup Ammar Awad(Syria) Ehab Noubani (Jordan), Adult Men’s singles winner Tan Kapunan Runner up Ralph Cajandig