Golf Betting Advice

Golf was once one of the sports that online sportsbooks did not cover. It’s since become an extremely sought-after sports bets around the world. While golf betting continues to increase in popularity The PGA Tour has upped its status by making betting easier for those who bet to remain interested. With all the information available there, it’s crucial to take a look at the various markets using a prudent strategy. We’re here to assist by providing a comprehensive guide focused on making money by playing golf. We provide a variety of strategies and tips to help you achieve success.

Recognize the Golf Course

It’s not necessary to go through the golf course or be familiar with each hole, but you should be conscious of its layout and area it’s located within. As an example, a number of the courses in the West Coast Swing have poa annua putting surface. They tend to be rough, particularly in the afternoon. most of the players from the Southeast struggle to make the transition. Some players thrive with this kind of surface. In contrast, many of course in Florida can be played using Bermuda greens.

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Take a look at the location to determine if it is tree-lined and has many doglegs, or if it is wide off the tees with extremely long par-4s. Do you think the rough will be raised or do you spray it off the Tee? These are factors to consider before placing your bets. A good rule of thumb is to look for golfers who are playing in a particular area or on the putting surface that they are familiar with. Phil Mickelson grew up in San Diego and went to college at Arizona State – it’s not only a coincidence that seven of his seven wins were in West Coast.

Follow Weather Reports

Once you’ve gathered some information about the course, it’s time to look at the forecast for weather for the coming week. Like a baseball bet can analyze the team’s splits against lefties and righties. Golf bettors are able to predict what the weather is likely to be similar to the afternoon and morning waves. If you’re aware that it’s going to be calm on Thursday morning, but is expected to be blowing 20+ mph by afternoon, you can use that information for your benefit. You could even put up some FRL (first-round lead) bets on players starting their golf early. Another option to profit from the possibility of a difference in weather conditions between waves is to use the head-to head matchup choice. This market will be discussed in a moment but the principle is fairly simple.

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Explore All Betting Options

Don’t rush to make your bets. Make time to consider your options and take a look at the whole potential. Overall, the winner will be the primary market to be announced at every golf tournament. It’s also the hardest to maintain an ongoing profit. By waiting until other betting opportunities come up at golf competitions you could take advantage of better plus-EV scenarios. Once you have a better understanding of the numerous ways to earn money by betting on golf, you’ll likely push identifying winners to the back of the list.

Beware of Too Much Hype

Avoid falling victim to the recency bias. This is not the same as using the latest form and we’ll address this in the following section. Here’s a simple method to apply this concept. If a longshot that is +20,000 is the winner of a golf tournament and you’re a winner, you’ll be tempted to stay clear of for the next week when the player is listed as +6,000.

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The bookies have been calculating anticipated bets coming into the final week’s winner. That’s the reason behind the price being cut to half. In the majority of cases this golfer ought to be valued closer to what was the “original” +20,000 number. Alongside these simple tips there are a variety of different golf betting strategies that you can apply on a regular basis. We’ll provide additional information on various areas of golf betting and also tips on specific betting markets.

Using Stats in Your Golf Betting Strategy

Analyzing the figures is what’s going help you distinguish yourself from those who aren’t doing enough research. Making sure you shop around and finding the best prices is crucial to remain ahead of the curve, it is a given. But it’s not enough to propel you to long-term profits.

We’ve mentioned that we’re aware of recent trends So let’s get started. Golf is a game that is unpredictable. We’ve seen golfers take multiple cuts in a row, only to fall off dramatically. We’ve seen golfers emerge of the woodwork after there was nothing about their latest game report suggested that they’d succeed. However, for the majority of the time, golf is an indicator game.

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Using Stokes Gained Golf Stats

For other information worth examining, looking through the statistics of a player can give an edge over those who gamble blindly. Statistics show strengths as well as weaknesses. They aid in determining how an athlete for a particular course could be or not be. The best part is that they can be done in a straightforward way.

The Strokes Gained statistics introduced by Mark Broadie in 2011 was an important breakthrough for those who favor an analytical method. Instead of speculating on how well one is in a specific field the SG numbers provide us with real-time feedback.

The Strokes Gained statistics determines how many shots a golfer needs (on an average) to get a hole in from a certain spot in relation to other golfers on the course. It’s now the most precise way to determine the level of skill or ability an individual is in specific aspects or aspect of the game.

From the basic guidelines and fundamental principles to the more advanced strategies to help you make winnings from betting on golf We hope that you find this guide helpful. When golf betting grows and begins getting more popular the lines will get tighter and beating the bookies becomes more difficult. This is why implementing the most reliable golf betting strategies come in useful.