How to Troubleshoot an Electric Bike Problem

How can you troubleshoot an electrical bike? You might not live near an electric bicycle service shop, or you may just be unable to afford one. We’ll cover common methods to fix an electric bike problem. Velowavebikes is committed to the development and research of electric bikes Velowave Ranger FMTB3 that are suitable for all age groups. We insist on developing high-quality, affordable products.

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This question is often asked by our customers. We tell them to check their battery voltage. The bike’s LCD computer and LEDs should be lit up. Perhaps the battery isn’t charged properly or there was a blow to the fuse.

A voltmeter can be used to check the voltage of an electric bicycle by connecting the prongs to both the positive and the negative ends of the battery. To get a reading, you can also attach the voltmeter to the charger connector on the battery.


Sometimes the prongs of the battery don’t line up correctly, and the electrical circuit cannot be completed. You can fix this by using a wrench to adjust the prongs and bend them. Also, check the port for the battery charger. Unplug the battery charger if it is plugged in to the wall. The battery charger should be plugged into the port of the electric bike. Look for the illuminated indicator light. If the indicator light from the battery charger glows when it is plugged in to an electric bicycle, the charging port and wiring are both good.


Most likely, a damaged part of your handlebars was dropped by you. If there are cosmetic damages to the brake levers and handlebars, this can be easily diagnosed. The motor inhibitor switch will always be on if the brakes are pulled back due to damage. Before your ebike can be repaired, you will need to replace the brake levers. Sometimes, the switch needs to be replaced. This requires the expertise and knowledge of an electric bike mechanic. You can also locate the wires that are connected to your brake inhibitor, and then disconnect them completely. However, this could be dangerous and unsafe while you ride, so we don’t recommend it.


You may find it easy to pull the throttle back on an e-bike that has a twist throttle. You can cause damage to the throttle by doing this repeatedly. It will eventually break. You should pull the throttle back, and then slowly, and gently, put it back.

You may have a loose throttle and need to replace it. These are simple and affordable to replace. To have a replacement throttle sent directly to your address, you can purchase one at your local ebike shop.


This is a good place to start if you are having problems with the pedal assist mode of your ebike. Each e-bike comes with a different pedal assistance system. Some are built into the bottom bracket, while others are built into a ring made of magnets in the front sprocket. You will need to reset and re-align the torque sensor if the bike is pulsing or if it seems out of alignment. If your bike has a torque sensor, mechanical adjustments can sometimes have an impact on it. This is something you should keep in mind as you adjust the wheels, sprockets and pedals. If you are unable to diagnose the problem, you can simply take it to the nearest electric bike shop and have it removed and replaced.


You should check your controller for wires that have become disconnected or are not properly connected. You can check if a wire is missing by connecting it to the outlet. If the wire isn’t color-coded, you’ll have to do some trial and error to determine which slot it should go into.


Make sure the wires connecting to your rear hub motor (if you have one) aren’t damaged or frayed. If you cut the wires, you will need to rewire your ebike. An electric bike specialist shop can help with this.


First, check that the motor connection on your chainstay is working correctly. This is where the chain is located. It is a common connection for all rear-hub motor mount bikes and can be easily fixed if the problem persists. Make sure the belt or chain are properly installed.