MorphMarket: Is not being used correctly

This article must be started in the tradition Medium articles by a Morpheus meme: “What if you told me that you could pay less to get healthier animals?” Let’s start by learning about MorphMarket. Then we’ll move on to the list that will help us find healthier animals for less money.

What is MorphMarket?

Morph Market was established in 2015 to allow people to list reptiles. It was an stay updated, modern version of FaunaClassifieds, which was launched in 2000. The site allowed buyers and sellers to communicate with each other, as well as the opportunity to use the forums for advice. Morph Market is faster, simpler to use and built on more recent software. It is certainly a creditable platform.

What is the Morph market used today?

The site allows you to search for animals from many countries. Browsing requires no special account. Individuals who have animals lifestyle for sale can choose from a variety of paid plans.

To coordinate the purchase of an animal, a buyer can send an inquiry directly to the seller. Morph Market is not responsible for any transactions, agreements or further communication. The entire process will be familiar to users who are used to Craigslist. It’s easy to purchase an animal via Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites. Morph Market works in the same way as social media sites.

That’s it. This is all you need to know about using it at its most basic level.

Registering, rating buyers and sellers, as well as the Discourse forums and other features, is completely optional. It took me many years to register. It took me years to register.

(Updated) This is a banned reading

This was something I did not know would be controversial. It has been mysteriously silenced since I shared it with several ball python group members.

Medium keeps track of the referral sources for stories. It is clear that there was a community brigade when the post was deleted was followed by a sudden increase in MorphMarket referrals daily.

C’est la vie. Let’s get to the Tips for Using MorphMarket

Let’s move on from that brief introduction. These are the top tips to use MorphMarket for buyers.

  • Do not register as a buyer with an account
  • Do not infer value from MorphMarket ratings
  • Do not complete any transaction that seems shady
  • DO NOT use Morph Market as a search engine
  • DO NOT search for the seller in MorphMarket
  • DO make use of their social media presence
  • Ask what they have to offer you.
  • DO consider haggling
  • Ask about the health guarantee

Let’s take a look at each one to better understand its value morphmarket

The Morph market Account If you don’t intend to use the member-restricted features of MorphMarket, you don’t have to create an account. You can browse the site and locate sellers without an account. MorphMarket is not a useful tool and can be harmful.

The core features of Morph Market work exactly the same way as social media sites. Anyone can add wonderful animals to their wish lists and any buyer/seller can increase their ratings together. It’s a problem similar to Most normal transactions end in a happy buyer with a few reviews. quickly became a place where people were angry enough to bomb businesses they don’t like, while others artificially inflated ratings by using family members, friends, and coworkers.

If you’re interested in seeing the reviews of sellers, click here to view them. There are a variety of reviews: some hilarious, others gushing. Others make no sense (e.g. “ball python won’t eat” after being purchased one week ago). And there are also the usual social media shenanigans.

Register now

User and Buyer Ratings, Sketchy Sellers MorphMarket staff are quick to say “We aren’t Facebook”, but when it comes to liability, they will also say “You wouldn’t hold Facebook responsible” — contradicting signals about whether they want to be Facebook. MorphMarket is just like any other social network. You must make the right decisions for yourself.

A seller who refuses to accept payment via PayPal Gifts will get a negative review. This is a bad idea. This indicates that they don’t have a PayPal Merchant Account and that they don’t have sufficient volume to obtain one. They are most likely trying to prevent you from filing a claim against PayPal (it is a scam). If they refuse, they are a fraudster.

Morph Market recommends that you conduct your own research about sellers to avoid being conned. Many sellers will redirect you to Facebook. Your Facebook will direct you to their Morph Market. Morph Market recommends finding sellers’ websites, but staff at Morph Market who are also sellers don’t have their own websites. It’s a circle. Remember: It’s another social media platform.

Scammers are not uncommon. You, as a part-time breeder or business owner, must make the right decisions to protect your assets.

Morph Market — The Search Engine

Although we’ve explained that an account is unnecessary, relying on buyer/seller ratings features requires you to do the same footwork as usual.

If you are looking for something specific, but don’t have any relationships with sellers, the site can be used as a search engine. This site can help you discover other enthusiast networks.

Morph Market has created an environment where sellers and buyers artificially inflate or deflate the prices of different animals. Sellers will often inflate prices to get low-ball offers later. This is the normal behavior of sellers. Buyers will assume that sellers inflate the price because they are expecting them to do so. It can be a vicious circle of price battles.

Attention to the seller’s name in Morph Market. To create a listing, there is no proof of business required. Businesses that are registered under someone’s name can often be run as do-it yourself businesses. They use local and federal laws to conduct business with the name. An indication of LLC status must be included on LLC’s. Fanciful names, of which there are many, like or some other odd ball python joke are most likely individuals. Morph Market is a great social media platform that allows you to leverage other avenues like Googling legitimate businesses and locating their online presence.